Licensed Agent - Training Provided

Primerica’s business opportunity isn’t a job. There’s no punching a clock, no rigid schedule to follow, and no boss to answer to. Instead, you’ll have the flexibility to do something you can feel good about — work that aligns with your values and what matters to you. 

Contact me to learn about how you can join Primerica and guide families to prepare for their financial future. 

No prior experience necessary. Training provided. Work from home anywhere in the county and in 3 provinces in Canada.
  1. Desire to own your own business - Unlike with a job, a 1099 independent contractor is their own boss not an employee.  Accountability and Mindset development are key here. If you don't work your business effectively and consistently, you don't earn. With us, you'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself. 
  2. Like helping others - This is a people serving business. Good customer service and a desire to make a difference will help you greatly. Is teaching others something you are good at naturally? Do you enjoy helping someone else to do better? Are you tired of seeing people work their whole life and still end up broke? Be the change you want to see. Then show others how.
  3. Want to earn more income - Do you want to earn an extra $2-5k monthly, maybe a $500 extra a month or perhaps replace your current income P/T or F/T? The opportunity is here if you are willing how to learn and to work your business. 
  4. Want the financial education - We are licensed professionals. In Finance you either know the information and get paid well for that information or you hire someone who knows. Learning is required. 
  5. Be coachable - Here we push the strong and nurture the weak.  Do you want us to push you or nurture you?  Your actions will show your preference and coachability.
Potential to earn while you learn. Training is provided and you earn training bonuses. Payment of those bonuses is made once you complete your first license. Multiple streams of income are also available and taught to you for your benefit.

As a business owner, you also are eligible for services, tax savings and perks that a W2 employee are not eligible to receive.
Covered in training. 
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