How I can help you...

Sell Your Property To My Company As-Is.
Sign Today To Walk Away. Our network of investors will do the repairs, keep, assign or flip the property.

We make our money on the flip side, so you sell to us at a significant market discount.

You get:
  1. Save Your Time - No need to list your property,  hold open houses, have the property cleaned, updated or staged for showings. No need to wait for a buyer because we are the buyer. 
  2. Save Your Money - No more mortgage payments, landscaping, utility payments or repair costs on the property. No commissions, since you are selling directly to us. No marketing costs. Closing costs negotiable. 
  3. Save Your Peace of Mind - Sell to Agent Impossibles, LLC and we close ASAP. No more stress about paying mortgage, collecting rent, expenses, etc while you wait for a good offer on the property. We are direct and easily accessible. Trade your headaches for cash. Let Agent Impossibles, LLC be your Headache Medicine 😉 
Email your property address to us at or call us at (845) 288-1465.

List Your Property With Monique Noel-Gunter. 
As a licensed real estate salesperson and Realtor with eXp Realty, Monique Noel-Gunter is surrounded by a network of professionals who are skilled at buying and selling property all over the world. We work with you to get the needed results. If your property can be listed on the open market, list with Monique and she will apply her expertise to get you the best results the market allows.

Listing with Monique means that she will 
  1. Educate you on the home selling and home buying process and walk you through it step by step.
  2. Provide an accurate CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your property.
  3. Arrange Professional Photos of your property
  4. List on the MLS and on the entire platform of accessible search engines. 
  5. Negotiate on your behalf, based on your preferences.
  6. Screen all buyers or tenant applicants to ensure you have a qualified buyer or tenant and not a time waster.
  7. Hold Open House Events. More than just putting the property on the MLS and waiting for an offer, Monique is a go getter. She will hold an event at the property for other realtors, local homeowners and potential buyers. Think 'More eyes on the prize' to increase interest and offers in a shorter time span.
  8. Sell your property and/or Find your next one.
  9. Earn your great review and business for a lifetime. Monique works to exceed your expectations so that your goals are met and her reputation is built by the endorsement of her satisfied clients and customers. Her goal is to Be The Go To for you, your family, friends and neighbors in this transaction and any others. 
Like a great movie that you just have to tell your friends about, we aim to please 😀 

If you want help listing or finding real estate property in NY, reach out to Monique at

I look forward to working with you!

Monique F. G. Noel-Gunter 
Licensed Life Insurance Agent & Asset Protection with Primerica
Real Estate Investment through Agent Impossibles LLC
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with eXp Realty through Realtor Impossibles LLC

For Licensed Real Estate Salesperson & Realtor services: 
Monique F. G. Noel-Gunter
(914) 483-9617 Work Cell

For Investor or Insurance Services: 
Monique Noel-Gunter
(845) 288-1465 Office