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Licensed Agent - Training Provided

Primerica’s business opportunity isn’t a job. There’s no punching a clock, no rigid schedule to follow, and no boss to answer to. Instead, you’ll have the flexibility to do something you can feel good about — work that aligns with your values and what matters to you. 

Contact me to learn about how you can join Primerica and guide families to prepare for their financial future. 

No prior experience necessary. Training provided. Work from home anywhere in the county and in 3 provinces in Canada.
  1. Desire to own your own business - Unlike with a job, a 1099 independent contractor is their own boss not an employee.  Accountability and Mindset development are key here. If you don't work your business effectively and consistently, you don't earn. With us, you'll be in business for yourself but not by yourself. 
  2. Like helping others - This is a people serving business. Good customer service and a desire to make a difference will help you greatly. Is teaching others something you are good at naturally? Do you enjoy helping someone else to do better? Are you tired of seeing people work their whole life and still end up broke? Be the change you want to see. Then show others how.
  3. Want to earn more income - Do you want to earn an extra $2-5k monthly, maybe a $500 extra a month or perhaps replace your current income P/T or F/T? The opportunity is here if you are willing how to learn and to work your business. 
  4. Want the financial education - We are licensed professionals. In Finance you either know the information and get paid well for that information or you hire someone who knows. Learning is required. 
  5. Be coachable - Here we push the strong and nurture the weak.  Do you want us to push you or nurture you?  Your actions will show your preference and coachability.
Potential to earn while you learn. Training is provided and you earn training bonuses. Payment of those bonuses is made once you complete your first license. Multiple streams of income are also available and taught to you for your benefit.

As a business owner, you also are eligible for services, tax savings and perks that a W2 employee are not eligible to receive.
Covered in training. 
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Introducing Agent Impossibles, LLC for Asset Protection, Creative Finance & Real Estate Investments
Wiser Options When Time Matters

A Little About Me 

Projects can be challenging, so we're here to lighten your load. Before I tell you more about what we do, here’s a little information on how and why I got started...

I learned that people can avoid foreclosure and prevent months spent on the market by selling their property to an investor. The investor who introduced me to real estate investing got his start by standing in line at a coffee shop and being willing to help a stranger. Like him, I care enough to listen to strangers in need and I am willing to help!

My family and I have weathered some storms in life that most people would choose not to admit. Still, those storms taught me compassion and showed me how to be open minded and persistent enough to think outside of "the box". God’s goodness and my refusal to give up have blessed me with unique set of skills and a powerful mindset that I proudly use for good. I have found my calling helping others through real estate investing and sales! My aspiration is to provide win-win-win solutions for people who thought that they had no way out of an unwanted property or into a home of their own. It is my joy and privilege to help people turn property burdens into blessings!

Whether you are ready to Start life in your new home... Need to avoid auction / foreclosure... Are tired of being a landlord... Lost a loved one... Or simply cannot manage a remaining property... I am here to help. As a consultant or investor, through my own company, Agent Impossibles, LLC, I focus on providing you with a solution that really works for you.

Let us help you today!

Who We Help

I started this company to help people who need to sell their property without having the traditional expenses and lapses in time. There are no realtor fees. We pay closing costs and purchase your property As-Is so you don't need to spend money fixing it or bringing it up to date.

With our Rent To Own Program, we now also help people who have a down-payment to purchase a home, but who need more time to qualify for a traditional mortgage. No credit and/or bad credit is ok.

Working with me will save you time, stress and money. Whether you are a seller looking to sell now or a buyer looking to qualify without the help of a bank, I am here to help!

The Process
Once you reach out to us, we will review the information you provided and call you back to discuss what you are looking to do. We then schedule a meeting to see your property or to show you one of our available properties. If we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement...

For sellers: we will offer to buy your property for a fair all cash price OR with terms that will provide you with monthly cashflow. We close with an attorney and pay all closing costs. When working with us, all properties are purchased in As-Is condition, so you do not need to spend any more money on repairs or staging. We are not real estate agents, so we would be purchasing the property directly from you, the owner. Thus, there is also no need to pay an additional 6% commission in realtor fees. Pending a clean title and inspection, we can then schedule closing accordingly. At closing, you receive the agreed upon purchase amount less taxes and we or an assignee would then take possession of the property. As investors, we may keep the purchased property as a rental for future tenants, renovate the property and list it on the open market or assign it to an associate who will fulfill our contractual obligations.

For buyers: We offer you a home that you can call your own. Your non-refundable deposit goes towards the agreed upon purchase price which you can pay at the end of our agreed upon term. In the interim, you can make additional monthly contributions towards your deposit on top of your monthly rent (thus reducing the amount you'll need to get under a mortgage). Credit repairing programs are also accessible, if needed. Leasing with the option to buy gives you many of the perks of ownership while also allowing time to fix whatever needs fixing so that you can qualify for a mortgage at the end of our term.

Our goal is to always form a Win-Win-Win situation.

The Vision 

As we grow and form new business relationships, we will also add links for your convenience to my partners, who can help you with moving, storage facilities, junk removal, plumbing, landscaping, masonry, elder care/attorney services, end of life planning, funeral arrangements, insurance, long term parking and more. This will help to support local businesses and to provide you with a truly One Stop Shop for all of your real estate needs.

Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation. Let Us Help You!

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you!
  • 12 Main Street # 1030 Brewster, NY, 10509,USA

We liberate property owners from properties that are stealing their peace, time and money. Sell To Us As-Is & Walk Away Today Or List with our realtor for top dollar on your home. To educate & empower people seeking to improve their lives through real estate and asset protection.

Ask Us How To List Your Business Here.

Ask Us How To List Your Business Here.


Ask Us How You Can Become A Resource - A Direct Link To Your Website & A Short Description of Offered Services Would Be Visible To All Potential Clients. This Facilitates The Needs of Our Customers While Also Fostering Local Business And Access To Vetted Professionals.

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How I can help you...

Sell Your Property To My Company As-Is.
Sign Today To Walk Away. Our network of investors will do the repairs, keep, assign or flip the property.

We make our money on the flip side, so you sell to us at a significant market discount.

You get:
  1. Save Your Time - No need to list your property,  hold open houses, have the property cleaned, updated or staged for showings. No need to wait for a buyer because we are the buyer. 
  2. Save Your Money - No more mortgage payments, landscaping, utility payments or repair costs on the property. No commissions, since you are selling directly to us. No marketing costs. Closing costs negotiable. 
  3. Save Your Peace of Mind - Sell to Agent Impossibles, LLC and we close ASAP. No more stress about paying mortgage, collecting rent, expenses, etc while you wait for a good offer on the property. We are direct and easily accessible. Trade your headaches for cash. Let Agent Impossibles, LLC be your Headache Medicine 😉 
Email your property address to us at or call us at (845) 288-1465.

List Your Property With Monique Noel-Gunter. 
As a licensed real estate salesperson and Realtor with eXp Realty, Monique Noel-Gunter is surrounded by a network of professionals who are skilled at buying and selling property all over the world. We work with you to get the needed results. If your property can be listed on the open market, list with Monique and she will apply her expertise to get you the best results the market allows.

Listing with Monique means that she will 
  1. Educate you on the home selling and home buying process and walk you through it step by step.
  2. Provide an accurate CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your property.
  3. Arrange Professional Photos of your property
  4. List on the MLS and on the entire platform of accessible search engines. 
  5. Negotiate on your behalf, based on your preferences.
  6. Screen all buyers or tenant applicants to ensure you have a qualified buyer or tenant and not a time waster.
  7. Hold Open House Events. More than just putting the property on the MLS and waiting for an offer, Monique is a go getter. She will hold an event at the property for other realtors, local homeowners and potential buyers. Think 'More eyes on the prize' to increase interest and offers in a shorter time span.
  8. Sell your property and/or Find your next one.
  9. Earn your great review and business for a lifetime. Monique works to exceed your expectations so that your goals are met and her reputation is built by the endorsement of her satisfied clients and customers. Her goal is to Be The Go To for you, your family, friends and neighbors in this transaction and any others. 
Like a great movie that you just have to tell your friends about, we aim to please 😀 

If you want help listing or finding real estate property in NY, reach out to Monique at

I look forward to working with you!

Monique F. G. Noel-Gunter 
Licensed Life Insurance Agent & Asset Protection with Primerica
Real Estate Investment through Agent Impossibles LLC
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with eXp Realty through Realtor Impossibles LLC

For Licensed Real Estate Salesperson & Realtor services: 
Monique F. G. Noel-Gunter
(914) 483-9617 Work Cell

For Investor or Insurance Services: 
Monique Noel-Gunter
(845) 288-1465 Office

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